Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning."
--T.S. Eliot, Nobel laureate in literature

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Congratulations to Tracy, our Knickers Nutcracker Contest winner. We drew Tracy's name this morning for a $50 Knickers gift certificate.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope you had a good time.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Knickers!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I had to share this with you!

Getting rid of static cling!

Did you know that a safety pin, added to the hem or seam in your dresses, skirts and pants, will help keep away static cling? Thanks for the tip Nancy! can win! Be the first to leave a comment on this post and win a $25 Knickers of Glen Ellyn gift certificate!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Knickers Nutcracker

Did you find the Knickers Nutcracker?

He's Hidden in one of our Christmas windows.

If you find him just leave us a comment with his location, your name and your email address. All comments will be deleted for your privacy. We'll draw a name the week before Christmas and the winner will receive a $50 Knickers of Glen Ellyn gift certificate!

Happy holidays from Kathryn, Gretchen, Kathy and Christine.

December Events

Please Join Us For These Special Events

Tuesday, December 2nd
6 to 9 pm
Ladies, Santa will be here to make sure he knows what you wish for this year. Please join us for scrumptious desserts & champagne, and make a wish list that's just for you!

Tuesday, December 9th
6-10 pm
Invitation and how to RSVP
We're excited to welcome back the oh-so-fabulous Wendie Connors for Ladies Night Out. Come see her beautiful collection of jewelry, just in time for all your holiday soirees!

Tuesday, December 16th
6 to 9 pm
This night is for the guys. Come enjoy refreshments and find the perfect gift for her. Don't forget to brin your sweetie's sizes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New from Cosabella

Meet the bootie & the cutie!

Cosabella's stretch lace (gorgeous lace) one-size thong is sure to catch the eye of our Hanky Panky fans. Available in the bootie (original) and the cutie (low rise) this thong boasts more stretch and more memory...a great combination! Available in lots of colors for $18.00. can win! Be the first to leave a comment on this posting and win a $25 Knickers gift certificate!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Frasier Fir is back!

This is one of our favorite things!

Fill your home with the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood. Frasier Fir, from Thymes, is available in candles, soaps, home fragrance, reed diffuser and dish soap (we love this!). It makes a great gift starting at $12.00!

Update on our Pajama Dinner at Cab's

I just wanted to share with all of you who so kindly participated in, and donated to, our Pajama Dinner at Cab's. This is a note from Jessica, Hephzibah Children's Association - Western Auxiliary President, about your amazing generosity:
"The Auxiliary will use the funds raised to finance a
"Good Bye, Good Luck" duffel bag program. When
children are dropped at Hephzibah's Diagnostic Shelter
they typically have a grocery bag holding all of their
belongings (maybe 2 or 3 things). When they are
placed in a foster home, an adoptive home, or returned
to their birth parent(s) they usually leave with one
or two trash bags filled with their stuff. Amazing
companies like yours are so generous to these
So our Auxiliary is buying duffel bags with a HCA bag
tag for them to carry all of their clothes, shoes, and
toys. We'll include a toothbrush, toothpaste, brush,
and memory book for them to fill with new memories."

Thank you again to all who came to the dinner, who bought raffle tickets, and to the wonderful stores who donated raffle items, including; Cab's, Georgia Rae, Fuschia, Renaissance Art Studio, Paisley, String Theory, Cheveux Salon & Day Spa and Shannons. And to Cab's who donated a portion of the dinner price to HCA, as well as to Georgia Rae and Fuschia who, along with Knickers, donated a portion of their sales for the week of the event to HCA.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Show your support VOTE!

Whether you're voting "demi-cup", or the stay the "corset", this Election Day Knickers of Glen Ellyn will reward voters with a 10% discount on any bra, just for showing your "I Voted" sticker or polling booth receipt.

All women lean to the right or the left - in both politics and bra sizing. We're celebrating the political process by encouraging voters to show their support - and get better support themselves!

So, regardless of the outcome of this election, our customers can feel uplifted on November 4th.

This Glen Ellyn boutique will be open 9:30 am to 6 pm on Election Day to better support YOU!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cab's and Knickers Pajama Party!

Thanks to all who came out Wednesday night for the Pajama Party. Lisa and Luis, as well as everyone at Cab's completely outdid themselves! Did you know they can do those delicious appetizers for your holiday parties?

We hope you enjoyed the fashions from Knickers, Georgia Rae and Fuschia. Thank you to our lovely models. And, a special thank you to the businesses in our beautiful downtown who donated raffle prizes including; Cab's, Georgia Rae, Fuschia, Renaissance Art Studio, Paisley, String Theory, Cheveux Salon & Day Spa and Shannons! All ticket sales from the raffle are going to Hephzibah Children's Association, as well as a portion of the dinner price and a percentage of sales this week at Knickers, Fuschia and Georgia Rae when you mention Hephzibah.

Thank you to everyone for their overwhelming generosity!

Our Gift to you in October

Pink Tulips!

It's become one of our favorite traditions! During the month of October, we'll share with you some pink tulip bulbs. Plant them now, and when they bloom in May, they'll remind you to get your mammogram.

Planting tips:

Plant tulips in late fall in well-drained soil. Grow them where they will get at least 5-6 hours of sun a day; full sun in preferable. Dig the soil to a depth of 8-12" and work in Bulb Booster or other bulb food. Set the bulbs 4-8" deep and 4-8" apart, depending on size and variety.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Events

Please join us for these special events...

Friday, October 17th
Saturday, October 18th

It's Only Fitting

A bra fitting event featuring Lynn and Suzanne, our favorite visiting fitters, with more than 30 years of experience! Also come see Glen Ellyn's oh-so-fabulous Wendie Connors and be dazzled by her newest collection of jewelry designs. And we have the cutest lingerie bag - a gift for you with any Wacoal purchase on these two days (while supplies last).

Friday, October 17th
6-9 pm

Sweetest Day Men's Night
This is a night for the guys. He can enjoy cool refreshments, nibbles, complimentary gift wrap, and be ready for Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 18th. So ladies, give your sweetie a little nudge in our direction and we'll take care of the rest.

Wednesday, October 22nd

Pajama Dinner at Cab's!
Grab a friend, wear your favorite new cozy comfy jammies, wine and dine at your favorite Glen Ellyn spot, and enjoy a girls night out that benefits Hephzibah Children's Association. Also featuring a fashion show from Knickers, Fuschia and Georgia Rae!

The cost is $30 (plus tax and gratuity) which includes passed appetizers, a choice of three entrees, and dessert. Space is limited and you'll need a reservation. Call or Stop in at Knickers or Cab's for more details. can win! Be the first to leave a comment on this post and win a $25 Knickers of Glen Ellyn gift certificate.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fixing Fashion Faux Pas

Don't you love clever products that help us look and feel as fabulous as we are? Here are three of our new favorites!

Jaks is an absolute must for women who love their low-rise jeans! Wear Jaks over your jeans but under your top—much like a shirt extender. It appears to be a lace camisole layered underneath your shirt- but actually, Jaks is the latest fashion weapon used to cover up "back cleavage". Bend over and sit down ladies – Jaks has you covered!.

Sold Individually. Available in black S/M and M/L.

Is your plunging V-neck revealing a little too much at the office? No problem – reach for Miss Oops Boob Tube! Made of stretchable lace, this modern day bandeau gives you just the right amount of coverage without the added bulk of another layer. Genius!

Sold Individually. S/M and M/L. Available in black.

Can't get rid of that dreaded panty line? Let's face it, some pants just look and feel better au natural! That's why Hollywood Fashion Tape has created "Hollywood Goes Commandos", the sexy, healthy, disposable panty alternative. Made of doctor -recommended 100 percent unbleached, un-dyed, breathable cotton, these self-adhesive pant patches allow you to "go commando" while retaining that all-important cotton lining. Hollywood Goes Commandos provides a clean, healthy barrier of protection between you and your jeans, shorts, leggings, workout pants, etc., with nary a thong-related wedgie nor panty line in sight! They're easy to apply and remove, and most importantly, they empower you to dress as you want.

Sold in packages of five disposable liners.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

8 Common Bra Fitting Solutions

The ABCD and DDs of bras

Research shows that 75% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. If you find you're experiencing any of these 8 common bra problems, don't fret, we can help!

Bra fittings are always complimentary at Knickers, and we offer more than 20 years of bra fitting experience. There's always a fitter on staff, and we're open every day of the week! Mention this blog post and receive a free gift with your bra purchase.*

8 Common Bra Problems and Solutions:

The underwire is poking you.
Ouch! When fitting a bra, you want to make sure the wire is completely off your breast tissue. If you’re getting poked, your cup size is likely too small.

Straps are slipping off your shoulder.
Don’t you hate when this happens? Slipping straps is usually a fit issue. If the band of the bra is too large around, the straps will be positioned too wide for your figure, causing them to slip off your shoulders. A smaller band size would be worth a try. Some people do have a slopped shoulder that can cause straps to slip off. In this case, racerback bras, or bra strap converters like Hollywood “Hook Ups” bra converting clip will do the trick.

The straps are digging into your shoulder.
There’s good news! You don’t have to have painful shoulders anymore. Actually, your straps should only be contributing about 5% of the bra’s support. With the right fit, the majority of the bras support will come from the band and the cups. You should literally be able to slip a strap off your shoulder and not have much impact on your lift. The solution is often a smaller band size.

Your breast tissue comes out the bottom of the cups.
Tired of always adjusting your bra? Your bra should stay put when you move. If it’s shifting or lifting when you do, it’s likely not a proper fit. In most cases, a tighter band and fuller cup will be ideal.

Your breasts are spilling over the cups.
Overflow can be eliminated! If there isn’t room in the cup for all of your breast tissue, the cup is too small. A larger cup size, or a fuller fitting bra, will most likely be appropriate.

The Band is riding up your back.
Oh no! The back band of the bra is where you get all your support. If the band is riding up your back the band size is too large. The back of the bra should stay even (or lower) than the bottom of the cup in the front.

The underwire is pushing out between your breasts.
It's nice to have a handy place to stow our lipstick, but you truly don’t have to live with your wire poking out. There are two possibilities; either the bra style isn’t right for your figure, or the cup is too shallow. A properly fitted bra will give you a complete separation and tack the underwire snug against your chest wall. What to do with your lipstick? We suggest checking out Georgia Rae for a new handbag! Perfect!

The bra cups are puckering.
Sometimes a strap or band adjustment can eliminate puckering in cups. Also, making sure all your breast tissue is in the cup will help as well. If that doesn’t do the trick, the cup is too big. A smaller cup will probably be the answer.

*while supplies last

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yummie Tummie at Knickers!

It's here!

As seen on Oprah, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight and more.
We're so excited that Yummie Tummie has just arrived at Knickers!

Yummie Tummie is a modern body contouring shaper. Your Yummie Tummie is meant to be seen while secretly slimming your mid-section and camouflaging visible lumps and bumps! Unlike most shapers that compress your bust and roll up, the Yummie Tummies’ cotton bust and hip panels appear to the outsider as a normal tank top; meanwhile the secret midsection panel is smoothing and shaping your middle, eliminating approximately five pounds off your appearance.
Made of a patent pending dual fabric technology, the Yummie Tummie is the first shaper garment that is top oriented, designed to be worn each and every day as a foundation or layering piece. The effects of Yummie Tummie are dramatic for the wearer, both physically and mentally. Yummie Tummie will give you a boost of confidence! It is extra long in the body so it provides coverage as you bend and move.

Watch Yummie Tummie in the News!

You'll look fabulous and your tummy will feel yummy!

Jelly Bath take me away.....

Rub a dub dub there's jelly in my tub!

We love Jelly Bath and
we know you will too! Jelly Bath turns your bath water into fluffy jelly, retaining its heat up to four times longer than regular bath water. It magically turns your water into a luxurious encasing comfort, providing a cocoon of warmth. It's the ultimate relief for stress, aching muscles, arthritis, sore joints and aching hands and feet. It's a virtual bath blanket with aroma therapeutic benefits!

Jellybath is a rice-based starch with Vitamin C and Black Tea. The rice starch pulls out excess water (pulling out dirt, unclean matter, and various microorganisms) and the Vitamin C and Black Tea act as exfoliates. Your skin will feel softer and more vibrant.

And, when you're all refreshed and relaxed after your tub, foot or hand soak, just add the dissolution packet and watch as the jelly turns back to water and washes right down the drain! It's magic! And it's biodegradable!

Breathe new life into your body & soul and find your happy!