Sunday, September 21, 2008

8 Common Bra Fitting Solutions

The ABCD and DDs of bras

Research shows that 75% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. If you find you're experiencing any of these 8 common bra problems, don't fret, we can help!

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8 Common Bra Problems and Solutions:

The underwire is poking you.
Ouch! When fitting a bra, you want to make sure the wire is completely off your breast tissue. If you’re getting poked, your cup size is likely too small.

Straps are slipping off your shoulder.
Don’t you hate when this happens? Slipping straps is usually a fit issue. If the band of the bra is too large around, the straps will be positioned too wide for your figure, causing them to slip off your shoulders. A smaller band size would be worth a try. Some people do have a slopped shoulder that can cause straps to slip off. In this case, racerback bras, or bra strap converters like Hollywood “Hook Ups” bra converting clip will do the trick.

The straps are digging into your shoulder.
There’s good news! You don’t have to have painful shoulders anymore. Actually, your straps should only be contributing about 5% of the bra’s support. With the right fit, the majority of the bras support will come from the band and the cups. You should literally be able to slip a strap off your shoulder and not have much impact on your lift. The solution is often a smaller band size.

Your breast tissue comes out the bottom of the cups.
Tired of always adjusting your bra? Your bra should stay put when you move. If it’s shifting or lifting when you do, it’s likely not a proper fit. In most cases, a tighter band and fuller cup will be ideal.

Your breasts are spilling over the cups.
Overflow can be eliminated! If there isn’t room in the cup for all of your breast tissue, the cup is too small. A larger cup size, or a fuller fitting bra, will most likely be appropriate.

The Band is riding up your back.
Oh no! The back band of the bra is where you get all your support. If the band is riding up your back the band size is too large. The back of the bra should stay even (or lower) than the bottom of the cup in the front.

The underwire is pushing out between your breasts.
It's nice to have a handy place to stow our lipstick, but you truly don’t have to live with your wire poking out. There are two possibilities; either the bra style isn’t right for your figure, or the cup is too shallow. A properly fitted bra will give you a complete separation and tack the underwire snug against your chest wall. What to do with your lipstick? We suggest checking out Georgia Rae for a new handbag! Perfect!

The bra cups are puckering.
Sometimes a strap or band adjustment can eliminate puckering in cups. Also, making sure all your breast tissue is in the cup will help as well. If that doesn’t do the trick, the cup is too big. A smaller cup will probably be the answer.

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Great advice! My straps are always falling off my shoulders.