Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Love PJ Salvage!

New PJ Salvage Has Arrived!

We love PJ Salvage. Their cozy fabrics, fun chemises, comfy pajamas, and the way all their pieces mix together, allows everyone to have their own style.

We've just unpacked their latest collections and love everything! We know you will too. Choose from faded hearts, dip dyes, lounge-style pants, modal dots, and a new slinky knit pink leopard chemise. There's always something for everyone!

Come see what's new from PJ Salvage.


Anonymous said...

am i first, did i win?

Knickers of Glen Ellyn said...

Hi there. Thanks for leaving a comment. Keep watching for a new posting that includes "psst, you can win" for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate. We'll be giving one away this week!

Kathryn :)

slynch7346 said...

I LOVE PJ Salvage! It's the best, most comfortable stuff! And the patterns are the cutest! As always, Kathryn, you win bonus points for your fashion picks.

Knickers of Glen Ellyn said...

Thanks Sarah! :)