Saturday, February 28, 2009

Treat your feet with Butter London!

Ladies, it's almost sandal season. It's time to pamper those legs, feet and toes, that have been cooped up in boots all winter. That's why we're excited about Butter London! New to the United States, all of their products are made of the finest ingredients, beautifully packaged, and will make you feel like a queen!

Stiletto Stick
Extremely dry, cracked heels are difficult to treat since most products are heavy, greasy, and not at all shoe-friendly. With Stiletto Stick, your heels will benefit from a high urea content and macadamia nut oil, while staying silky, soft and never greasy, because of the unique "solid formula". Genius!

Spritz puffy, tired, overworked legs and feet with this energizing foot spray to tighten and revive. Helps reduce swelling, stimulate blood flow, and deodorize.

Powder Finish Foot Creme
Imagine a product that contains the same active ingredient found in your antiperspirant, suspended in shea and cocoa butter. Add a touch of camphor for cooling, some triclosan to prevent microbial growth, and you're looking at one special foot-creme.

Silk Stocking
Give your legs the silky shimmer of stockings. This gel contains marine biology, multiple plant extracts, and added collagen to detoxify, lift and smooth. All these qualities are suspended in a luscious, light-reflecting gel that will glamorize your gams and hide blemishes!

Lacquer Lovers Duo
Two fanciful polish shades; Primrose Hill Picnic and Frilly Knickers. How apropos! Your toes have never been so pretty. can win! Be the first to leave a comment on this post and win a $25 gift certificate! How fun!


shmenggy said...

Wee for foot creams!

And yay for me - I'm the first one!

Knickers of Glen Ellyn said...

Congratulations Jackie! We have your gift certificate ready at the store. Thanks so much for following our blog.