Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet Our "Sister Store"

Did you know there's another Knickers?

Knickers of Hyde Park is Cincinnati's premiere bra fit specialist and intimate apparel haven! And, they're our "sister store"!

Jenny Schneider started Knickers of Hyde Park 10 years ago. We met when we both worked for Knickers of Glen Ellyn. We became fast friends and dreamed of one day having our own little lingerie boutiques.

Although we're separate stores, we shop together for merchandise and transfer items back and forth to accommodate our customer's needs.

There are several people who have been in both stores. I love when someone walks in and asks if Knickers is a "chain store". I immediately know they've been to Cincinnati and to Knickers of Hyde Park!

I visited this past week and had the best time with Jenny, her family, and the Knickers girls. It's such a beautiful store. She inspires me every day!

If you're ever in the Cincinnati area I hope you'll make time to visit Knickers of Hyde Park and say hello to this very special girlfriend!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful ladies!! --Sara