Monday, July 27, 2009

We were expecting....and now you've delivered!

We have to admit that we've been quietly anticipating something. Of course we're always discrete about what happens at Knickers. But we can share with you, in the last year we've seen a trend. Our customers have talked about staying in, having dinners at home, foregoing vacation travel, reconnecting. In addition, we've seen our intimate lingerie sales increase.

So we've been expecting a little recession induced baby boom. And, as a result, we've added to our selection of nursing bras.

Just as we predicted, there's been quite the demand. We've had lots of phone calls asking for nursing bras. In keeping with our reputation for offering a fuller size selection, our newest nursing bra is sized 32 to 38, C to H cups. It's a smooth jacquard under wire bra, with an easy clasp for releasing the cup. It's feminine, supportive and functional.

Need to be fitted for a nursing bra? We're happy to help you any time. Fittings are always complimentary and we're open every day.

And, we'd like to add a warm welcome to all those new babies!

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